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    I've just tried to transfer a 3D part from TurboCAD to the Planet-CNC CNC-USB software and most of it seems to have been lost.

    Looking at the DXF file in Autodesk's DWG Trueview software, it all seems to be there as I would expect.

    So is there a knack to transferring between CAD and CAM, especially with TurboCAD, or would I get better looking for something more aligned with doing the CAD part of CAD/CAM ?


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    Ok I don't use the software your talking about but most work in a similar way, you will probably be exporting from Turbocad if your saving as a DXF file so you need to make sure you select the complete drawing before you try to export it. If you only have a part of the drawing selected most programs will only export that part.

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    Actually if you can see the dxf in autocad viwer then it must have exported. I would suggest that possibly you may have selected the wrong dxf standard. Try using the rev 12 autocad dxf. Sometimes the newer revisions are not acceptable to other programs.
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    I sent the DXF to someone with TurboCAD 19 Deluxe and it wouldn't load for him either - just gave a blank drawing - so it doesn't even work between versions.

    The DXF set up page has a whole bunch of settings, so I guess I need to work through them until I find, hopefully, the combination which works.


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