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View Poll Results: Mach3 vs LinuxCNC/EMC What do you use and why?

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  • Artsoft Mach2/3

    16 57.14%
  • LinuxCNC/EMC

    6 21.43%
  • Other

    6 21.43%
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    There is a little decussion here: how many linuxcnc emc users do we have and i thought it would be nice to see just how many user's of both Mach & LinuxCNC the forum has, so if you've got a few seconds will you vote your prefered choice above please?

    If you would like to give the reasons behind your prefered choice below, please feel free !


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    The vote will lean towards Mach, purely because there are a lot more Windows users than there are Linux users. Ironically, a lot of people rave about how good Android is, little do they realise that it is a Linux based O.S.

    Personally, I've been 100% Linux on all my PCs for a few years now and am very much a fan of open source projects. I've converted a lot of friends to Linux Mint and they love it. They often thank me for introducing them to it as they had never realised that Windows and Mac are not the ONLY operating systems available. But Linux isn't the answer to everything. Windows has better support for games and certain other programs. But they're mostly commercial software and I prefer FREE. The main bonus is that Linux doesn't suffer from all the instability and security issues that Windows seems to be renowned for. It's not surprising that most of the internet is run from Linux servers and one of the servers I rent in London hasn't been rebooted since I started using it in 2009!

    Having said all that, most people don't like change, so stick with Windows purely because it's what they are used to.

    As for LinuxCNC...dunno yet as I'm only just starting to use it. But I got my first ever stepper motor running within a couple of hours of reading, so I can't imagine me trying anything Windows based in the near future.

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    Not so much a preferred choice but what I already know & use. You will get far more votes for windows & mach3 not because it is better but it's because it's what people have & know. You buy a computer it comes with windows or mac operating system already to go. That is enough for most people & there are still a lot of people who wouldn't have a clue about changing the operating system on a machine & would never touch it.
    I run windows because I can get help & support for the software I use easily which you can't always do with other operating systems including mac but then most of the software is for business use so I can't afford to have problems. If I had a driver problem & a printer not working correctly I can call the tech department & get help straight away running windows as they all know & use it.

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    Way back when I got into cnc, it was still EMC (Not EMC2) and there was no BDI (brain dead installation) CD. Mach1 was out and I still used win98. So I looked at Turbocnc which is dos based and at the time if one registered ($20) you got the source code. I figured it would do what I needed at the time and who knows, maybe I could learn enough programing to add a feature or two along the way if development ever stopped. I never have trusted windows for a control application and that also figured into my decision. Now many years down the road, it is like an old coat and I am comfortable with it and will continue to make that my mainstay controller.

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    Mach because Art fennerty is a Genius and a true Gent. Brian the new owner While not quite Art is still a TOP bloke with cheap affordable CNC controller at his foremost concern.

    Has for the debate then it's a make your own mind up.? All I'll say is I've seen many migrate to EMC/linux Cnc only to drift back.

    Also just wait for Mach4 things are about to get funky.!!!

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    Depends on the circle you walk in? I've seen many drift away from Mach and never return :-)

    People spend many years working with Windows, they then give linux a go and expect to be up ad running in the same comfortable manner as what they are used too. I work with Windows as a software performance engineer, even i have to use my good friend google to see how to do things under linux. So i do understand why people loose interest very quickly, plus the fact that a lot of programs do not look all glitzy. This is because they are mostly built with a practicle nature and no bling.
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Why can't I vote for two. the vote is for Mach or EMC and then they stick other in.
    I want to vote Mach and other seeing as i run two commercial machines with Ahha on them.

    I don't want to get involved in a dick slapping contest between the two but just point out that if everyone who starts out in this hobby has to use Linux / EMC then I'm afraid the number would be cut by as high as probably 75% or greater.

    I'm not saying one is better than the other as it would be totally impossible to define but familiarity with an operating system has to play a major part of any decision.

    I know the Linux guys will jump on this and say it's not so but they are all, for want of a better word,and no disrespect, geeks, who are very, very familiar with the Linux operating system and cannot understand why others are not.

    Why not just be content in using what you are most comfortable with.
    John S -

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    Edings USBCNC for me so far. It could do with some better support though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2e0poz View Post
    Depends on the circle you walk in? I've seen many drift away from Mach and never return :-)
    Not Yet.!! . . . . . And if you get on the Yahoo or Mach forum you'll see loads of returns and even more who started with linux due to low finances and say how much more comfortable they are with Mach.!

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    Obviously not geek enough then the understand what they are leaving?????

    It's horses for courses, the same goes for the linux sites. Like i said it is all about the circles you walk in. As John pointed out is about familiarity not necessarily one being better than the other. Linux does allow you to get under the bonnet and what you do with it is swings and roundabouts.

    Not Yet.!! . . . . . And if you get on the Yahoo or Mach forum you'll see loads of returns and even more who started with linux due to low finances and say how much more comfortable they are with Mach.!
    You already said it here that they are trying to do it on the cheap (naturally windows people). I willing to say that neither is better than the other. Most of what i say about the Pro Linux world is mostly teasing. Linux will always be better and still be around way after windows has died :-)
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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