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    Hi i have just got a cnc machine my first one but i have not got a clue how to set it up.it runs on a dsp control but i have gone through the setup many times but cant get it right.dose anyone live in the scunthorpe area that would come and set it up for me.obviously i will pay you for your time.someone out there !!! thanks tom

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    I'm a Newbie myself, and a million miles away from you Tom, especially in the snow and riding two wheels!
    I havent got a clue what DSp is, but a two second google found this site.DSP Control Group Inc. - DSP-Based Motion Controllers
    Question, is it one of them? if so what model? and have you read the destruction sheet?

    If all else fails read the manual, post the info about what the machine is , model , spec etc, with as much detail as to what the issues are? and I'm sure someone on here, (even me) might be able to assist.

    But as it stands , My magic wand is Kaput


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