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    Could you also point me to another set of G-Code that is posted free that other people can use for a Kress holder ? :)


    Looking at mine which was another thread, it wasn't done by CNC. The design is so simple it was done with a drill, hacksaw and the 43mm hole was put in with a boring head or could be done clamped to a faceplate on a lathe.

    The fancy shapes do nothing only remove metal that is better staying attached to act as a heat sink.

    John S -

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    That's true Sean, I was just pointing out a way for the many folk who haven't got to the working machine stage and are still reliant on hand tools or limited power tools.
    John S -

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    An old recent thread, but I found it because soon, I'm going to need to buy a 43mm mount (audioAndy has kindly lent me his Proxxon BFW 40/E which has a 43mm ring...he lent me the mounts too - but I'm going to need my own soon!)

    So, where's the best (read best value!), place to buy such a beast?

    I found this one....


    Which they kindly shown the dimensions, so I've quickly CAD'ed it up (exact same dimensions, but I've just rounded a corner or two)...but I'm not sure my CNC is really up to milling such chunky Aluminium....

    I'm fairly new to CAD/CAM, but if anyone wants the G-Code just drop me a PM - I guess all you'd need all you'd need to do is change the feed rate & the Z depth to suit your own CNC machine & material. (I've assumed 20mm & a feed rate of 10mm per minute at a depth of just over 1mm per take ...as I've never milled Aluminium, so hopefully have err'ed on the side of caution!)
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