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    Hello all,

    Title kind of says it all. I am trying to help a fried with a laser cutter and older AMC4 controller.

    I would like to get a copy of the WinAMC software and build some vitrtual test control panels.

    Any help would be gereatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Have you tried contacting Burny directly? I doubt you would manage to pick this up otherwise but I do seem to remember someone else talking about this a while ago on here. A search of the forum might bring it up.

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    Just spoke with a very helpful Rep at Burny. They adivised moving forward/off the AMC and using current technology rather then integrating it.

    Will most likely reseach developing a Parrallel control system with Bob's and LinuxCNC or Mach3 option.

    This would allow the cutter to run on the existing legacy Design/Plot/AMC Controller as well as have the option to use a more open control CAM system.

    Will need to research the controls needed for the cutter.


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    I glad its getting sorted out. I have dealt with burny a lot in the past and always found them to be helpful. You also have the option of USBCNC as well for your control software and hardware.

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    Hi, I have been running my Wessel (ex pcb drill/router) as a highly accurate router for about 10 years with an AMC 4 controller (servo version) and have never had any problems. I do use WINAMC (for drip -feeding and config files to over-ride the flash memory) which I believe was a free download at some stage, but has now been removed. There is a possibilty that I can get hold of a copy if you decide to go down that route. G.

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    Sorry, but I have just been told that WINAMC is no longer available, but that the Burny version will do the same job (maybe better). G.

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    Do you still have a copy of WinAMC Geoffrey?

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    Hi i have a copy of WinAMC but but it needs a user name and password which i don't have

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    Hello Evrybody
    Im from Turkey,İstanbul.
    We hava a cnc and winamc inside.I had a tunder breake and the winamc had flown.
    How can i havwe that.Would you send me .
    Best wishes from İstanbul.
    Erol topcular.

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