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    Anyone got any good suggestions for a cooling pump for a 2.2kw Chinese water cooled spindle?? Got a 25ltr plastic barrel for the water/anti freeze & thought a submersible pump would probably be the best bet although if it were a small enough pump it could get mounted on the back of the gantry I suppose. Just wondered what other people were using seeing as there seem to be quite a few people using these spindles.
    Any suggestions would be most welcome, well any to do with a cooling pump that is lol.

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    If you want small, I keep using these, they are freakin' amazing

    Mini Water / Coffee Pump 24 GPH (P-25A) DC 12V | eBay

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    On my small lathe, for cutting coolant, I use a small pond pump, which fills a tank and the excess overflows back into the reservoir. Thus I have a controllable constant height gravity fed system and the flow from the tank is controlled by a gas tap. Now I don't know what the demands for a water cooled spindle are, but my system is cheap and controllable and can easily supply up to 1.5 meters with a very small pump.

    Just my two pennuth.



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