Hi folks,

Thought id start this build log since i finally have my milling machine. Machine arrived last week and iv been building a suitable frame to sit it on, finished the frame yesterday and with the help of my trusty engine hoist got the mill up onto the table. Have incorperated a small cabinet into the frame, an appropriate space for my PC and coolant tank. Will get some pics when im in the garage next.

Will probaby make a nice stainless coolant tank with an internal pump in the coming weeks and a flood coolant tray to attach to the milling bed.

At this time it looks like i will be ordering a CNC FUSION kit for my X3 due to the quotes i got from any UK company when i mentioned reduced backlash. Just for machining the ends of c5 grade screws was around half the cost of the whole kit from the US!

This is the setup i have chosen so far from zapp automation, but im on the lookout for cheaper alternatives or suppliers. Recomendations welcome.

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DM856 Digital microstepping driver
DM856 75.00
PS806-5 Linear power supply
PS806-5 85.00
SY60STH86-3008B Nema 23 Stepper motor
SY60STH86-3008B 29.50
SY85STH80-5504B Nema 34 Stepper motor
SY85STH80-5504B 63.00
PLC4x-G2 breakout board
PLC4x-G2 breakout board 70.00
PLCM-E3P CNC Controller (For use with Mach3)
PLCM-E3P 130.00