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    Ok I've nearly got to the stage where I can test my Y axis on my router.

    The travel is approx 4ft with 2510 ballscrew (driven) My motors are the largest 34's from Zapp. I know a few of you have commented on the overkill of these and the problems with loss of torque with higher RPM etc, but I have the motors now and I might as well see if I can run with them.

    I'm looking for cheapish drives for these motors. I've figured that my machine will more than likely run on nema 34's anyway, so even if I have to reduce the size of the motor they will probably running from the same sort of drive. I've looked at the 2MA2278 240V drives on ebay, but don't really know how good they will be? Has anyone had any experience with these drives or others that they could recommend please?



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    In most cases the Leadshine drivers fair pretty well. More are sold than anything else so horror stories are proportionate to sales. If you set them up right then you should be fine, don't run them to the max.
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Thanks for the reply Swarfing! I've used leadshine drives on my plasma build and am happy with them so far, though I haven't tested this machine fully yet. I'll have a look for the bigger drives, see what prices I can get.


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    I also used the biggest NEMA 34s available from Gary on my build as well and I love them. I used the Kinco 2M2280N drivers as well. So far I cant fault them.

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    Thanks Web Goblin,

    I'd be interested to see your machine if you have any pics? I'm aiming to use a 2:1 belt reduction to gain a little resolution and acceleration, I'm just wondering if I'll be able to rev up my motors enough to get good rapids without loosing bags or torque?

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    Nice machine there mate, I cant wait until I can make the first cuts on mine... not too far off now though! What rapids can you get with your machine?

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    Sorry I cant remember how fast it can travel. I would need to have a look at the setup next time I am on the machine. To be Honest I wasnt really too bothered about really fast travel speeds. Its a small machine and I wont be cutting really quickly or doing large parts or nests so I'm not bothered too much about the time I will lose.

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