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    So ive looked at the Super-PID and again i find myself looking to the USA to take my money out of our broke country. Maybe its a good price but 170 approx for a speed controller looks expensive. So i cranked up google and found this bloke who makes one of those great quotes:

    " but as it did not seem that hard, I decided to build a speed controller from scratch ".
    Again i find myself being drawn to the confusing world of electronics , even more so when you add up the cost of the DIY route but it may well intrest someone with experience.


    But a KBIC-240 speed controller maybe an easier route for me.... but not as much fun!
    L8r all

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    It really doesn't need a microprocessor if you are okay with speed control by potentiometer.
    If you turn the motor on/off at zero crossover rather than at peak volts it is much easier on your driver.
    All you do is switch on when it is under speed using an MOC3020 which has the zero crossover malarkey built in.

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    I started making a PID conroller a while ago, since as your quote quite rightly suggests, there's not that much to it. I've still got the code somewhere. However you'd surely be making life difficult trying to do PID (or PI) without a microcontroller. Zero voltage switching would be nice though.
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    If you are going to go the bother of making a speed control I think it would be worth keeping the micro processor for the PID, as that is the bit that keeps the speed constant (depending on PID settings) and stops it bogging down under load.

    As Jonathan said PID for speed control is not to difficult especially as the site gives you the code. Ive done it for Dc brushed motors and it works well.

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    It a conspiracy !!!! all the clever people come out of the wood work and say its "easy" too !!!.
    Its just a site i stumbled on and the whole point would be to make a PID controller to control the power draw. Without the micro processor it would be just be another speed control with a potentiometer aka : KBIC ( to my eyes anyways ! ) . The price of making this over buying the Super-PID makes it very tempting the learn PCB board software and get cutting but i had ago at Eagle awhile back and it frazzled my mind to say the least.

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