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  1. Hi All,

    It's great to see a UK forum for all things CNC.

    We have been building CNC machines and controllers for the last 26 years, the first been a computer controlled engraver back in 1981!!! Everything has changed a lot since then, the biggest change been low cost CAD software.

    We have built everything from small rotary pen engraves to large 3m x 2m routers, with a whole host of wierd and wonderfull machines in between.

    I will try to answer as many questions as possible, we have tried a lot of ideas some with more success than others :D

    Our current products are a range of low cost stepper motor drives and controllers, will post more about these in the relavent fourm later.

    Catch you later,

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    Welcome to the forums, please do post about your products in the right forums.

    ill take a look at your site, if your uk based then ill add you to the list of venders i'm building for the site.

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