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    Hey guys, I have uploaded a quick video showing the issue.

    The issue I am having is when I try and snap near a circle, there is a gap between the circle and the line I am drawing.

    What really odd is when it is 'snapping' the snap isn't actually on the circle but hovers away from it!

    When I do the same thing next to a square or a straight line there is no problem.

    I tried REGEN and REGEN all this did no help unfortunatley.

    I hope the small video is clear enough to explain the issue and I really hope someone can help me.

    Please accept my appologies for the poor quality of the video

    Autodesk 2013, Help with Osnap to a circle. - YouTube

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    Have you checked the settings in osnap I only have autocad 2004 and the tabs are along the bottom you have to right click on them to get to settings also you might have grid snap on hope this helps ..Clive

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    Have a look at this, I posted here too - May help to explain a little better.

    Major issue with snapping to circles. - Autodesk Discussion Groups

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    I'me sorry I could not open that file in my copy of autocad but perhaps could with a dxf file. ...Clive

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    hei'ya craigrobbo, l'm a bit late to the party, but have a look in the dwg attach. - kelef
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    Your osnape is working correctly, what I believe is happing is that you are seeing a gap in the segments of the circle. The circle is displayed in straight line segments.
    I hope this helps.

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    Your osnap maybe ok, the circle is drawn in segments, copy the circle on top of itself and rotate it 30 degrees , then zoom in.

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    hi, new to this forum, just watched the video and it looks like you should regen drawing in the edit menu. When zoomed in that far and it will appear round again. As others have said it is segmenting into straight lines and your snap is actually in the right place

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    I think this guy might have worked it out by now as the post is about 7 months old. ..Clive

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