Hello Folks,

Well After breaking the upright support plate on my old dust shoe a few times and not liking that I had lost 15mm of travel to the darn thing and that while it did the job and did it well if I was going to build a new bracket might as well as jump in all the way. First thanks to Motoxy for the help and part construction work on the old shoe. Here is a SAT file?image of the new one without bolts or the skirting that is attached to the bottom. All is to be made out of 9.5 to 10 mm stock and while no bolt are shown all the holes are and it is set up for 2mm and 6mm bolts holding it all together. I have not set it up at present to have a travel limit spring but one could be added without a huge issue. Hope you folks like and will show pictures once it is cut and assembled.

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Will attache more photo's if folks interested and can set up the 2D drafting files as well. -Michael