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    In relation to the motion control equipment discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Regards the Motion control card then I'm a big fan of them and thou I haven't tried the one your using I have most others and they can make a huge difference to speed performance (which doesn't mean much to me.!) but more importantly how smooth the motors accelerate and perform.

    Not all motion control cards are equal thou so anyone seeing this and thinking to buy then please checkout before doing so has while they all tend to offer smoother pulse train etc they can lack or be flaky on over features they have to take over from PP, like spindle control, Homing/limits functions, Backlash comp etc.
    Yip - in single direction motion only one pulse stream is needed which is a little easier on the DSP and "fast motion" is not, as JAZZ said, is not the main advantage. Coupled to digital drives and decent steppers the motion smoothness is greatly improved. That and the fact that the controller DSP can generate the 3 and 4 axes pulse streams without windows having a say in matters enables higher feed rates in 3D cutting for example without loosing steps. In effect on the same machine a 3D toolpath that won't run and will loose steps on a LPT port will run perfect with a motion controller problem free.

    We first came across the UC100 from Arturo at CNC4PC. :: CNC4PC :: iNtRo Really good guy. He stocks the kit in the US and he also stocks the Ethernet smooth stepper motion controllers. The UC100 unit sale count is in the 000's and is very popular in the states - so I'm told.
    CNCdrive - motion controls

    And as JAZZ has pointed out a motion controller must be able to cope with all the functionality and run bug free - very important and a common issue. Also beware of counterfeit stuff Planet CNC • View topic - BEWARE - Chinese counterfeits. We've used the UC100 with homing, limits, backlash comp, PWM spindle control, 4 axis motion and 3D cutting. It can act like a "USB to parallel port" snap on to an existing machine as its the same DB25 setup. So in effect you can swap out your LPT cable for a UC100. And yes powering the BOB is recommended. The UC100 is limited in the same manner for I/O as a single LPT port. We've used the UC100 on a few different machines and the same Mach3 XML in LPT mode, provided the drivers are installed, will run the machine with the UC100.

    The UC300 overcomes this by allowing for more I/O and has the added advantage of analogue I/O. Spindle override, feed overide and a VFD output control are possible.
    CNCdrive - motion controls

    What do you use JAZZ out of interest? I have some experience with the smooth stepper but nothing long term?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneyCNC View Post
    What do you use JAZZ out of interest? I have some experience with the smooth stepper but nothing long term?
    At present I have both USB & Ethernet versions of the Smooth steppers, Russion PLCM E3P, CNCUSB Mk2/4(planet-cnc) Pokey's 56U & E and soon the CSMIO/IP-A or S not quite sure which yet.?

    My main personal machine is currently running the PLCM E3P for test purpose's which it has been doing now for well over 6mth's (Don't do quick test's pointless.!!) and other than an initial software/screen conflict bug, (which thou quite complicated bug to deal with and NO HELP from Artsoft Pure-logic R&D guy sorted very quickly.! . . Impressive.) So far it's performed flawlessly. (Will say Not quite has good has ESS but close..!!)
    Only thing I don't like but doesn't affect me has I don't use anyway is the fact you can't use Spindle speed control with it.!!

    Before that and ESS I run the USB smooth stepper for long time and other than one issue with noise from compressor with dodgy starter in next room it run perfect.
    If I had any gripes with SS it would be with Warp9 Company for not dealing with software issues or fixing conflicts between mach3 and SS, say conflicts because they are not bug's and more to do with Artsoft changing Mach3 and Greg at Warp9 not keeping up.!! . . Between them they break things.????
    Because of this you tend not to update Mach3 to newer Lock-down versions which is not a big issue and really if it isn't broke then don't try to fix is mostly my policy.

    The Ethernet SS is currently running a small machine that I'm setting up and I like this for Testing because has it's easy with a laptop.

    CNCUSB I can't give a honest answer has I haven't given it enough time yet, only so many hours in day.!! . . .Plus I'm not keen on the software so doesn't entice me to use and because it's all-in-one board I can't just plug into BOB and use so bit of wiring required.! . Plan is to put it onto it's own small machine I just need to build the bloody machine first. . Lol

    The Pokey's 56 is great little thing and thou it's Pulse engines slow in comparison to the others it works surprisingly good and perfectly fine for small micro machines or lathes.
    Where it really shines thou is If you want to build a pendent or custom control panel with Joy stick etc because it's got and allows gazzilionsss of I/O and handles Encoders very well.!!. . . It Can control everything from LED to a Kettle with servo driven Lid. . Lol
    (You should see what the flight Sim guys do with them.!! . . Amazing)

    Must say thou out all of them the ESS is best.!. . . . Thou from feedback from others the CSMIO is going to blow that out the water, Esp when connected to servos.?

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