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  1. I work at Slater Tools in the US. We have quite a few customers in the UK now, so I thought I'd try to get online and join in the fun. Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you about rotary broaching and the like. Rotary Broaching tools are most often used on lathes, but can also be used on mills.

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    Hi peter08, welcome to MYCNCUK. Please take the time to view the FAQ section for answers to questions you may have, if your building a new machine be sure to start a new build log detailing your progress !

  3. Thank you Lee. So besides the web, are there some meaningful machine shows to attend in the UK? I will be attending the 2009 WESTEC show in Los Angeles, California next week. Its a huge show, and I hope to get (and share) some ideas there.

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