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    so, here are some parts I've made, hopefully they'll be some use to you lot.

    2.2kw spindle.dwg
    bf12 ballscrew mount.dwg
    bf12 ballscrew mount.dxf
    bk12 ballscrew mount.dwg
    bk12 ballscrew mount.dxf
    nema 23 3.1nm.dwg
    nema 23 3.1nm.dxf
    sbr20 bearing block.dwg
    sbr20 bearing block.dxf
    sbr20 Rail.dwg
    80mm Spindle Clamp.dxf
    80mm Spindle Clamp.dwg
    2.2kw spindle.dxf
    15t HTD 5mm 15mm pulley.dwg
    15t HTD 5mm 15mm pulley.dxf
    16mm ball screw mount.dwg
    16mm ball screw mount.dxf
    16mm ballscrew.dwg
    16mm ballscrew.dxf
    30t HTD 5mm 15mm pulley.dwg
    30t HTD 5mm 15mm pulley.dxf
    sbr20 Rail.dxf


    dwg's are in autocad 2014 and dxf's are in 2000.


    the ball screws use a 25mm pitch but they have two flutes to make them look good.
    the pulleys are based on a circular array, so while it has the correct amount of teeth, they're likely to be the wrong size.

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  3. You should create a part library. thanks

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