Hello All. I recently purchased some Bosch Rexroth rails Size 35. I am now looking for the runner blocks to accommodate the rails. I am unsure If I should go with a preloaded block. Which do you guys think would be best?

I would like to build a machine that is capable of working on Mild steel, aluminum, stainless, and perhaps some harder steel alloys to decent tolerances.
I am unsure what most people tolerances are. What are tolerances of most home builds? Would it be too ambitious to be at about .010" with a first home build? Will the .010" tolerance allow me to make any decent income from machining?

The rails I have are rated at Class N and are manufactured by Bosch Rexroth part number 1605 304 3111280.
From the googling that I have done I believe the best tolerance for these rails are .008" I am looking very much at a class 1 Preload bearing block for these rails. Please let me know your thoughts on how I should proceed.

Thank you all for your time.