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    Hi there guys,

    Looking for your views on the best CAM software or CAD CAM package?

    My understanding is that Solidcam is best and that Bobcad is second.

    Any views will be of interest

    Many thanks

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    Depends on what you want to do.
    Full 3D is expensive and steep learning curve and not needed if all you want are 'shapes'
    John S -

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    You could request a quote from both companies to see what your budget will stretch to.
    I needed basic 4 Axis CAM and useable 3D CAD (given that I won't be designing a Nuclear Power Station any time soon ;-) ) and found that the BobCad/Cam offer on V25 earlier this year allowed me to purchase a well supported functional package, I've had issues but all have been addressed by BobCad support, their Partner Product Manager Al has even used one of my problem parts as the basis for an online tutorial demonstrating how best to approach the job.
    If you want to simulate 4 Axis operations within BobCad you're probably best with the Pro Simulation as the basic Sim has some limitations and quirks in 4 Axis.
    If your budget will stretch to Solid Works and Solid Cam that may be the way to go,

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