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    I left it a bit late to make some presents for friends, so yesterday I switched on my machine, or tried to ! The NVR switch wouldn't latch (coil burnt out ?), so I had to spend time changing it for a 15A rocker.
    OK set up and start cuttingClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	11057 After the third cut the tool went blunt and started to burn the wood. Change cutter that was last 2.2mm one so changed to cheap 3mm one. Restart job. Tool goes everywhere and snaps. Look at machine - Z axis bottom linear bearings had dropped out !!! Two year old British made machine !!!! (! denotes use of expletive beginning with F or C). After bodging up a bearing retainer, I managed to get 7 of these made up.

    The woods are Canarywood and Sapele and the item is a teapot stand.

    Spiral - Koru:

    It represents the unfolding of the New Zealand native fern. It is symbol of new life, new beginning, personal growth and harmony. It is believed to bring hope, peace and tranquillity.

    Happy X*** and a Jolly good 2014 to everyone. (With the exception of a certain company !!!!!)



  2. Sods law!

    Nice work tho. Are the two bits attached to each other or just interlock when on a flat surface?

    Seasons greetings to all...

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    Interesting piece. Are the small gaps between the parts a feature, or did you intend them to fit more closely?

    I'm still trying to think of what to make for Christmas presents!
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    The pieces are cut as two 'identical' interlocking spirals, so the gap is due to the tool width. The wood is 8mm thick so I had to use a tool with a long flute, and 2.2 was the smallest I had. The planks were 6" so the end size is 140x130 mm. The dxf was done with corel draw and is a bit steppy. and I had to do a lot of editing on the Gcode to get rid of redundant cuts. They are intended to be separate pieces to make two trivets if necessary. They were finished with a rub of sandpaper and teak oil.

    The Gantry router was Made in Devon, so there were a number of runs that ended up as kindling.

    If anyone wants the Gcode I'll post it.



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    Rob: Very nice and different I think that the gaps add to the design It would be nice to see the gcode or the dxf or even both. ..Clive

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    There you go !

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    Rob; Thanks for that if I may ask a dumb question, looking at the dxf it appears to be made up of two pockets could it be achieved with just one spiral line and following the centre of that line. Or is it the way that Corel draw has made the dxf. ..Clive

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    You are right Clive, CorelDraw gives a line two sides, so I edited the Gcode to take out the return path along the 'same' route. Corel Draw is useful for the quick creation of geometric shapes, but you have to convert to curves or objects otherwise it doesn't stand a chance of getting the dxf right. I drew one spiral and then did a mirror copy to complete the tool path. I used to use AutoCAD some years ago, my son designed jewellery with it, but I don't get on with it for anything more than circles and squares with or without chamfered or radiused corners. OK for switch panels, but beyond my addled brain for owt else. I tried to import a file from CorelDraw to AutoCAD but it didn't work. Ironic that my son has a degree in 3D design and now sells high-end computer development packages and I was a computer consultant before I retired and am now pratting about with 3D design.

    Still, it's time to hit the G&T. Happy Days Everyone.


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    Well Rob: Thanks for the info, its well past the GnT time. Happy Xmas to one and all. ..Clive

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