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  1. Currently running three unipolar Nema23 Motors on a Marchant Dice Router the size that was suggeted is 190 oz and that is what I am using. They are rated for 6.75V 1.5A. Their ID is 23HS8603. They appear to be a Motion King product. I have them set at Mach3 tuning of 250, 100, 6 and Y/Z are running fine but can loose steps here and there. The break out board is Stepperworld FET-3 Dynamo and is now responding quite well to the set up as far as power though heat is still and issue (more from the FET's on board than the resistors, serious cooling blades on them:D). So my question is how do I up the speed? As Kevin states that 190 oz is the max you should use on his machine.

    Buy better unpolar motors (like the broad spectum torque holding of unipolar)?
    Go to a chopper board for the BOB? This being to hopefully get better signal quality from the board.
    Any suggestions would be helpful. As now that it is running to a degree would like to get it to the point where it can cut and do work.


  2. Okay the motors sold by Steeper world are 23HS8603 motors which are built by Motor King (CHina) and on their website are rated for 140 oz-in not the 190 they are sold at (just an observation of information, these maybe custom but that does not explain a few points).

    Right now running at 225 to 250 steps per rotoation and 225mm/min witha an excleration between 4-6mm/sec/sec on Mach3. Still missing a bout a cm of travel to true home on X axis but hey can work that out as it is a big improvement.

    So, how much improvement would be reasonable to expect from moving up to true 190 oz motors with 2.8V and 2.8A rating?

    Looking at this problem. With 6.5V 1.5A Nema23 motors being driven from a common power supply on the XY axi' and Z having it's own power supply. Power provided is 12V from 450W Computer PSU which is going to be upgraded to a true 12 or 24 V unit with which to give a bit cleaner power to the whole system (what that system is remains to be seen).

    Right now need to get the distances stated and the real distances traveled to completely agree and from there things should clear up a good bit.


  3. Kip,

    check the other thread I have started in this section as it has more up to date information and where I am trying to get this going.


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