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    Hey folks,
    This post could go in the wanted section but I said I'd look for a bit of info first and repost in the Wanted if needs be.
    Okay, a buddy of mine offered me a BP series 1 Mk1 interact on trial to see if I can get it running and make chips.
    I have a product I'm thinking of developing which has a number of parts, about 12 of which would be made on a milling machine. All the parts are 2.5D so I don't need to interface with cad/cam, the canned cycles in the interact would suffice with a bit of playing around with it. The problem is that the controller is a Heidenhain TNC 145 which as far as I can tell doesn't have any internal storage barring the current program.
    From searching I've found that it will interface with a ME 101/102 tape reader for storage.
    Has anyone used one of these in the past or has anyone come up with an alternative storage method for a 145 controller? Regarding these tape readers can you store a number of programs on the one tape or do you just use a separate tape for each program?
    The only alternative I can see is to write a number of programs one after the other on the "current program" and jump to the appropriate start line but I believe these controllers have a 1000 line limit which won't get me far.
    The product may or may not work out so I don't want to go down the route of spending big bucks on a Mach conversion if the 145 canned cycles and existing hardware will do.
    If anyone has any experience of these units orhas one kicking around, then I'd be grateful for any info or help on this one.

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    Have you tried asking over the PracticalMachinist forum?
    That's the kind of thing the guys over there are more likely to know, as it's far more commercial orientated (you'll get banned for mentioning anything that could be considered home workshop size!)

  3. A quick Google shows that the me102 tape unit is a cassette drive and interfaces with the controller using 2400baud RS232 serial comms and the command interface appears to have a file structure so I'd guess you can get several programs on a tape. Tbh unless you have the tape unit already the cost of acquiring one and getting it to work could be more than a mach3 conversion.

    There is a doc available from Heidenhain giving the block protocol so it would be possible to store programs on a PC if you have the knowledge to write the necessary software. Again a quick Google suggests this has been done before, but nothing recent within 10y.

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    Thanks for the tips folks. I've gone through the manuals but get the impression that the tape will only hold one program. Also from the manuals on Heidenhain data interfaces, the ME is the only thing it will talk to. The 145 doesn't have the capabilities to talk to a floppy or external drip feed. I was hoping that someone on the site might use one and be able to give me a bit of feed back or have gotten around it as Irving has suggested.
    Luckily one of the lads here has gotten in touch and has one so fingers crossed it will work out.
    Thanks for taking the time to read.
    Edit. Looks like the RemoteNT from Heidenhain will mimic the ME101. Not drip feeding but as a direct sub for downloading single programs. Thanks again.
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