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  1. Hello,
    I have been setting my machine up over the last couple of weeks and have got on quite well. I use SolidWorks all day long and HSM Express is proving pretty good. I have also been engraving text using F-Engrave into phone clip on cases for my daughter and friends with great success. Now the question.....I fly control line combat for a hobby and would like to cut out some ribs from 1/8" balsa and I struggling to find a suitable piece of software to take my DXF nested profiles of the ribs and cut them using say a 2mm cutter......any suggestions?
    P.S. Browny point for anyone who has even heard of C/L Combat

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    About 35-40 years ago, once a year my uncle would take us to a model airplane show. They had rc planes and gliders, as well as C/L combat. That was my favorite, especially when the two planes crashed into each other.

    Try CamBam.
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    Yes, I've heard of C/L combat, although it's many, many years since I've seen it.
    If you want something free, you could look at dxf2gcode. I used it for a while before buying Vectric vCarve. However, there is one thing to watch. CAM applications often generate gcode which allows for tool diameter and the gcode contains the actual toolpath. When you use dxf2gcode, you specify for each cut whether you want to cut on the line, or to left or right - but not by how much. I don't know how it works in Mach3 but in LinuxCNC you have a tool table which defines tool diameter (and other things). LinuxCNC then uses info in the gcode file plus tool diameter to calculate the toolpath on the fly. One useful side effect is that you can allow for variation in cutter size without regenerating the gcode. I'm sure that it would work in Mach3 as well, I just don't know the details.

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    I have to admit to being an ex C/L combat flyer, specifically the flying wing type, we used to reckon an old shit house door would fly on control line with a big enough engine fitted. My pride and joy engine used to be a McCoy35
    The good thing about flying wings is that all the ribs are the same with a big square(ish) leading edge and a wide triangular trailing edge.
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  5. Thanks for the pointers so far....CAMBAM looks to fit the bill....will try a few profiles. Amazed to get 3 out of 3 that know about C/L Combat. I destroy quite a few planes throughout the years compettions, so finding ways for the CNC to help shorten build times will be a great help. Vintage Combat Old Warden 2008 - YouTube Control Line Combat Thanks Simon

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