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    Haha, that is sooo scary! Guess what I (literally) right now was shopping for? An E Stop switch! Thats really good of you. Cheers .

    Of course you don't have to if you don't want to, but could I get the water pump as well :D.

    Edit: Also bought myself 2 fuse boxes, holding 4 fuses each. Got it off the 'bay. Figured I could have one box fusing the PSUs and another fusing the drives.

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    Cable brading !

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    Hurah! My mum text me last night to confirm it had arrived. Her exact words were, "Parcel here - very heavy!", which pleased me no end .

    Thanks Keith! Look forward to getting back to this box of wonderous stuff you have sent me.

    Small extention to the work contract... will be back around the 27th / 28th. So stay tuned... Also, I'll be driving back from Kent to Scotland this time around! Should take about 12 hours. Nice.

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    I was thinking that a stop in Leeds might be in order, but we're aiming to be set of from here (Kent) at 4 in the afternoon, so I'd assume we'd pass through (or near) Leeds sometime early in the morning.

    Lol... plywood! I belive you about getting into it... the last one was wasn't exactly straight forward to get into.

    Anyway... its been a tough few days... I think an early night might be in order. I'll post up here once I'm back and have opened up the coffin.

    Dave .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    Good stuff David! if you fancy a stop off at Leeds you know where I am matey (I bet your mum can't get in the box...3/4" plywood fastened with screws to stop the Parcelforce guys from scratching it :D )
    Haha, coffin indeed... See the pic. Taken at about 3 in the morning after getting back, having driven nearly 600 miles. It was fun to open up :).

    When it came down to actually fitting the table, nothing went well at all. I had to take off the bearings on my ballscrew from both sides. The fixed end came off nicely. But the bearing on the floating end just refused to come off nicely. I tried being nice, then tried just being mean to it. Nether method worked. Then tried heating it up on the gas hob, that didn't work either, then my dad realised he had this clamping screw thing especially for taking bearings off, and that finally did the trick, but of course by that point the bearing wasn't in the best of shape. It still works, but I think I'll get a new one just to be sure.

    There were a few other problems... not really worth mentioning, its all pretty much sorted now.

    With all the problems its taken forever :cry:. So its just going to have to wait till I get back again, as i leave again tmrw morning... but as you can see from the pic its just about there.

    Thanks again Keith for this wonderful table + the extras inside the box.

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