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    Theyre not bad mate, theyve had a bad spell but my mates there say things are picking up and machines are selling, so worth a try, if you go mention my name (jason pitchford) lol theres a guy there in the office that couldnt wait to see the back of me. Apart from him theyre all a great bunch of lads!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABZmachinist View Post

    Did you have any success finding a job?

    I too have spent the last few months looking for a job as an onsite machining technician.

    I live in Aberdeen, and have sent my CV out to lots of oil companys, but haven't had any joy.

    Anyone on here got any ideas what else i could do?
    Company called "Whittaker" just south of Aberdeen they do on-site machining and full CNC shop good payer!

    worth a look they are looking for machinist just now.

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