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    Hi there, is anybody on here involved in or have experiance in on site/in-situ machining??

    Reason i ask is i am interested in this niche sector of the machinist trade and would like some info on how to get a start.

    I have applied for a couple of on site machinist jobs at Doosan Babcock (working at power stations i think?) but no joy so far. :sad:

    Any info or contacts is greatly appreciated.


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    hi the machinist here's a little info for you. In my experience most insitu machining companies are always looking for the right people they don't advertise their jobs much. different companies do different jobs allot do things like pipe cutting, flange facing, drilling,tapping,milling,boring,bolt tension,leak sealing that type of work.Then theirs the really specialised companies (not many) who do very precision work like crankshaft machining and orbital machining. if you have done an apprenticeship and have a good machining background you should be able to find a company not sure if their are any in derby but their are in the midlands good luck.

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    Try Mirage Machines.


    They are in Derby.

    John S.

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    O.k thanks for the advice, i'll send of my c.v to a few companies.

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    Hello there, we may have an opening for an experienced on-site machinist for our middle east operations based in UAE. If interested, send your cv to [email protected].

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    Did you have any success finding a job?

    I too have spent the last few months looking for a job as an onsite machining technician.

    I live in Aberdeen, and have sent my CV out to lots of oil companys, but haven't had any joy.

    Anyone on here got any ideas what else i could do?

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    Don't know your position / experience but: are you working now (in or out of engineering / machining)?

    Sending CV's I find isn't that effective, if I'm looking for a job I usually go to the front door, and follow up on a weekly basis - you may just turn something up, but it may take time.

    Have you a network of contacts locally? (ie, have you friends / family in the industry in the area - are you local to Aberdeen or have you moved there from elsewhere?) This is one of your best allies when looking for work.

    Some employers state "specific experience with...type controls" (be it Fanuc / Heidenhain / Mazak / Siemens) or particular machines, and sometimes specific materials too (steel / aluminium / stainless / exotic materials) - this can be worth pointing out on an application.

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS: do your homework - find out about the employer, what they do, length of time trading, number of staff, financial info (look on their website and click on "about us"), then drop in bits on your application / CV ("targetting" your application aka making it specific to the job). Sounds obvious, but its amazing how many people fail here.

    There are many firms struggling in the current financial climate (thus many may not be hiring), but there are always companies doing well even in troubled times - don't lose faith.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks AdieR

    Yes i am currently working in an engineering / machining environment, so find it quite hard to get the time to go to companys in person.

    I am originally from Aberdeen, and know several people within the industry. I have contacted several specific people within companys whom i've thought may be able to help me, but the best i've had is a reply saying they have nothing at the minute.

    I will keep trying, hopefully something will develop as the industry picks up again.

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    hiya matey,
    have you tried mirage machines yet? i used to work for them as a cnc miller, a friend of mine who did their on site machining left just last week, might be worth getting down there. jay

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    Thanks Jay. Will give them a try. Are they a good company to work for?

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