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    I'm moving house so have to dismantle and get rid of my unfinished mill project, none of this stuff is advertised elsewhere yet, I thought I would gauge interest here, here's what I have.

    4x220w servos and drives
    1x400w servo and drive
    1x750w servo and drive

    power supplies to suit, I forget but there are about 5
    Non contact home switches x6
    2x breakout boards
    1x cd with manuals and servo tuning
    cables to connect motors and encoders and db 25s

    1x mini mill head
    1x to tormach tooling r8 to en tool holder, en collets
    2 x 25mm ballscrews with 1250mm movement
    2x12mm balls crews with 6-700mm movement
    2 15mm hi win rails about 600, 2x800mm and 2 x1200mm
    all with 2 trucks each

    i also have a tilting rotary table, precision level and a few other bits, sorry some of the description is a bit vague but I just want to get so e idea of if people are interested, 4 motors have run maybe an hour, 2 are still packaged as are the home switches.

    make me a sensible offer on as much or as little as you like


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    I am interested in a few of your items, can you give a bit more detail, perhaps some pics

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