I want to build an Openbuilds Ox cnc machine. See http://www.openbuilds.com/builds/ope...c-machine.341/. I have my home-built cnc rose engine and I thought that I could machine the aluminium plates required using that. Unfortunately the nature of my existing machine makes it just too small to mill around a 200mm x 300mm area which is required for each of the two side plates, so therefore I cannot create the plates myself.

Therefore I am hoping that someone from this forum would be willing to help or could do the job for me at a reasonable cost. The openbuilds design is given in a sketchup 2014 file and annotated so that the SketchUCam plugin will create a gcode file to cut the parts either individually or all 4 from a single 310 x 520 sheet. So I can provide Gcode files.

I live in Nottingham and would be very grateful if there was someone reasonably close by who could help.