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    Thanks for the invitation and yes I would really like to come and have a look at your machine(s).

    Could you pm me your address and telephone number so that we can arrange something.

    Thanks again,


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    We seem to be collecting a lot of people from the Derby / Notts area.
    I'm midway between at Long Eaton, Kamo is also from just around the corner.

    John S.

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    Ayup John S,

    I work just up the road in Sandiacre!

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    Feel free to pop in anytime.
    john [ at ] stevenson-engineers.co.uk or 07966 376085.

    Also applies to anyone else in the area.

    John S.

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    Will do!,
    What do stevenson-engineers do?


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    As little as possible................

    Mainly repair engineering, one off's and crap no one else wants

    Was also responsible for the R&D work and initial development on the Sieg KX series CNC mills.

    John S.

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    I have a crap one off job off your interested? Everyone else prices me out the market, However If i manage to sell machine its going on I'll be needing more?

    Can you PM me you email address?



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    It's in post #18, just replace the [ at ] with @
    Mobile is there as well.

    John S

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    Ah, found you...

    PDF drawing okay?


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    Yes can read most drawing formats.

    John S.

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