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    Hi all.

    Im in the process of building my first CNC machine.
    Its a Proxxon MF70 with Nema17's, USB interface and Mach3 compatible.
    When building this Im getting other ideas of modifications and perhaps even buiding one from scratch.
    This is great fun!

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    So you like milling machines rather than routers ? or do you plan to build a router style machine ?
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Hi Eddy.

    Been looking thru the forums and seen many nice builds. Im guessing router style are those big, table like designs? If so. Yes.
    But for now Im ok with a milling machine since the parts Im trying to create are no bigger then 70mm.
    Im finding myself wanting to change a lot on this MF70. I want a brushless spindle with ER11. I also want to make the Z Axis about 10cm taller to get more room.
    Also thinking about a 4th axis with a chuck.... so many ideas it feels a bit silly not building it from scratch but its a great chance to learn! The MF70 is cute too :)

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