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    Hi, we have had two machines installed recently, one is a JOBS 5axis and the other a Huron 5axis both using Siemens Sinumerik controls.
    With both of these machines we can only rotate the tool magazine if the main machine doors are closed (i.e the interlock engaged) this can be very frustrating at times because if the machine is not being used and we need to remove a cutter from the magazine to use in another machine or if we are waiting for a job to turn up and want to prepare the tools in advance we have to shut the large concertina double doors just to rotate the magazine only to re-open the main doors when the job arrives or if for example one man is setting a fixture in the machine and another man with time on his hands wants to load tools into the carousel this is impossible. I can't understand why it needs to be like this as the magazines are segregated from the main machine and have there own access doors with an interlock so pose no danger to anyone other than the person loading/unloading tools.

    We don't have this problem with our Heidenhain controlled machines.These machines are the first we have had with Siemens controllers so we are not yet familiar with how customisable they are.

    Is this just something we have to accept as part of over cautious modern day safety features or is it something that can be altered within the control parameters?

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    Does the machine also have a PLC, maybe a Simatic ? in any case something is getting a signal from a door switch and it sounds like the switch performs multiple functions.
    If it does have a PLC it will likely be regarded as 'embedded' and you won't be supplied with the code.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    I will admit to not actually understanding what a PLC is but I can ask the programmer when I speak to him at work on Monday as I'm sure he will know if the machines have a PLC.
    The only experience we have really had with parameter alterations and set up's is on Fanuc controls.
    The main door switch does affect other things as it limits operations you can do with axis jogging and handwheel movements with the door open, we can live with that but this tool magazine access is becoming really annoying especially as our Heidenhain controls allow access to the magazines even with the main door open, and I would expect a newer machine to be more user friendly.

    I will find out if they have PLC's and post back.

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    It's more to do with the electrical parts of the machine rather than anything the programmer would use.
    I'm just basing this on other machines I've worked on, all the control might be taken care of by one unit.
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    Like eddy suggests there will be switch which triggers a PLC which in turn signals the control to lock you out. So there will either be a paramemter Deep in the control to override or ignore this signal or the PLC logic will need changing.

    In either case you'll need to speak to service engineer who knows these control/systems.
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    Ok thanks it sounds as though the best thing will be to wait until an engineer is carrying out repairs/maintenance and see if we can get the problem sorted.
    Another issue with these machines that you may be able to help with is that on one of them if you open the main doors during programme either at an M00 or in single block to check the part etc, when you re-shut the doors you can just press 'cycle start' and continue the programme, however with the other machine you have to press the 'feed start' and 'spindle start' buttons before pressing 'cycle start'.
    Is this also due to this PLC set up that you've mentioned and something that would have to be altered by a machine engineer?

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    Although the thread is nearly a year old. I have a machine with the same "feature". If the toolmagazines entry is inside the cabin then you can do nothing. Some machines have an separate Toolchanging door. With this, you can change tools, while the machine door is closed, but I don't know if the program can be run while you do this. I fear no, because, if the machine needs a new tool, you have blocked the tool turret or chain.

    The only possibility I see is, ignore the safety rules and have the door electrically always closed, but remove the doorlock mechanically.

    But in this case you can never change a tool by hand from and to the spindle.

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