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    Ok the rear bearing slides on the shaft to allow for adjustment so there is no shoulder. You have to align the bearings with the caps on the housing.

    If you didnt want the power feed or threading option then you could just leave out the drive gear.

    You might be able to rethread it but thought it was worth mentioning about the hardening. Yeah a replacement would probably be best :0)
    Ross just re-reading and see you say rear "bearing slides" I cannot see how pre-load can be done without this bearing sliding, I cannot get this off even with puller as only place to get puller is outer race so don't want to put to much force on it. I'm thinking using a press but this would be forcing against plastic pulley with the force being applied on the damaged (threaded) end of spindle can you see any problems as I don't want to damage pulley.
    just read thro your repair post. What happened to the chap (bogstandard) you was communicating with?
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    The inner race slides on the shaft to apply the preload. It is a very tight fit and over time can get worse.

    It was a while ago that I did mine and cant remember every step. I seem to recall you take all the lock pins and keys out off the pullies and then slide them to one end to give you space to get at the bearing. The outter race can be moved back as well so you can get the puller on the inner race. Might be worth protecting the end.

    If it wont move then try a little heat to break the bond or leave in an oil bath for a day or two.

    I got your pm but not had chance to go to the workshop yet.

    As for bog's I don't know, haven't been on here for a while myself. He sure would be the best one to help you tho.

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