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    There's a bloke out in Hong Kong who appears to do reasonable prices on carbide ball end endmills. I've never used a ball endmill & therefore clueless as to which would be the most useful.

    Here's what he says...

    "we have 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm ball endmill shank at 3mm. The unit prices (including shipping) are
    1.0mm - hkd45.00
    1.5mm - hkd48.00
    2.0mm - hkd51.00
    2.5mm - hkd54.00
    3.0mm - hkd57.00"

    1 Hong Kong Dollar = approx 8p, therefore....

    1.0mm - 5.60
    1.5mm - 6.00
    2.0mm - 6.37
    2.5mm - 6.75
    3.0mm - 7.12

    Which size is the most useful? (or most 'general purpose')

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    Hank, You don't say where you are as we may be able to offer alternatives.

    Most posters put their rough location in with their other details, picture etc at the side.

    Kip lists Leeds but that's like listing Middle earth as you have to get your passport stamped and change your money just north of Sheffield.

    John S -

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    Ok, I've updated my profile - I'm in North London. This being myCNCUK, I didn't think the Royal Mail differentiated to get an envelope through any UK letterbox?

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    Hank, although it's UK group we have people from OZ, NZ and the states and telling them this guy in Bedford sells them for threepence isn't a lot of good.
    The reason I asked is Jenny from JB cutting tools has loads of 2mm ball mills in carbide on here stall.
    She's that busy she won't deal by phone, in fact she never answers it but she's at a show up and down the UK every weekend.
    At Harrogate they were all at 2.00 each
    John S -

  5. she's at a show up and down the UK every weekend
    John, any idea where I could find these shows listed? (do they come to East Anglia? or is it too far 'abroad'? )

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    Bill, no chance of a listing because she does all types of shows not just model engineering.
    She does agricultural shows, motor bike shows, staem rallies, I think it depends on what's on where that takes her fancy.

    I may have a way of getting in touch with her, if so I'll ask for her list of venues.

    Only one I can guarantee is Bristol ME show in August.
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    Southern Jessie..... The Royal mail doesn't...very true.....but someone may know where you can get em cheaper...in your area.....South of the Watford gap it reads "There be dragons here" on my map

    "Rough" location John.....have you found me duck!

    Jk....I haven't got a duck :D
    I'm actually an exiled Geordie (just need to get my innoculations topped up & I can return to my roots.

    I've emailed 'Jenny from the block'...let's see if she answers emails!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HankMcSpank View Post
    I've emailed 'Jenny from the block'...let's see if she answers emails!
    You stand no chance

    I did mange to speak to her this afternoon.

    This weekend coming she's at Rufford Autojumble at York.
    Third weekend in June Newark Kit car Show.
    Last weekend in June Knutsford Steam rally Cheshire ?
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    Rufford...same as Rufforth (typo) Is she still just "Jenny from the block"? Who's mange who you..."Did" this afternoon... I may have had dealings with her years ago....not a word to the wife!
    This bloody keyboard, can't spel for cherries.

    Yup RUFFORTH and manage,

    Best to do a Google and check dates as 3rd weekend is often not quite if someone forgets the odd 3 days at the beginning of a month.

    Anyway that's what she told me.

    I did embarrass her once at Bristol, I shouted across the hall as we were going in one morning.

    "Jenny had your hands on any big tools lately ? "

    John S -

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    FWIW, since 'Jenny from the block' remains totally uncontactable unless you travel on a 300 mile roadtrip to a wheeltappers & shunters fair tucked away in a place that likely isn't recognised by a sat nav, then this guy is selling 4 x flat endmills (3mm shank) for $7.50 delivered to your door...


    (that works out at about 1.15 per endmill delivered)

    (his price is listed a little higher, but if you submit a best offer of $7.50 for two sets (eight end mils in in total, he'll accept - well he did with mine).

    Not ball end mills ...but cheap as chips for carbide flat endmills (last price I paid was about a fiver delivered from an Ebay seller in the UK)

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