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    hi all, i am wondering what people do to varnish products faster, i have been brushing everything but its taking so long, does anyone use a sprayers and if so what type of varnish and how are u thinning it etc, ps i do not have a compressor so would be an electric sprayer

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    Not faster in application but a lot faster as a process:

    Epifanes rapidclear and rapidcoat are semigloss yacht varnishes that can be re-applied after 6 hours without sanding in between layers.
    If you need high gloss then finish with that after a few layers of rapid-.

    For me that means that I can varnish all wood on my boat in one weekend.

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    A lot of joiners spray furniture/cabinets do a search for High Volume Low Pressure
    (HVLP) sprayers, you get less overspray and use less finish.

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    ~In the past, I have used melamine lacquer. The stuff I used dried very quickly and hardened over 24 hours (I think it absorbed carbon dioxide from the air as a catalytic hardener). When it had hardened it was super tough. I sprayed it with a high pressure gun, but in those days HVLP was not invented.

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