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    Not new, some years ago there was interest in steel sheet with a copper (or may have been nickel)layer explosively weled for ships hulls not heard of it lately supposed to make the ships cheaper to run by reducing marine growths.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    I saw the strangest thing ever on Wednesday...Aluminium welded with steel....I'll take a photo of it for posterity....Incredible!
    Do a search on Fluxless Laser Brazing, I think Corus may have the patent on it, remember reading something about it in one of the trade mags.

    John S -

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    For a bet once I stick welded two pieces of 10 thou steel shim together. Perfect weld.

    Good for a pint in the pub because no one will believe you but it's a doddle to do once you know the method.

    No I'm not divulging for less than a pint, real not virtual.

    John S -

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