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    I have joined up to find information and ask questions about which cnc Routing machine to buy? and cnc timber work. Hopefully in time I will be able to return some of my experiences to the community!
    See my profile for a bit more info!

    I am setting up a small manufacturing business to design, develop and make furniture as well as provide a CNC service to the NW region of Ireland.

    Materials:- Plywood, MDF, Solid surface, acrylic, solid timber

    I am looking for a new CNC Router, Gantry design with 1.5 x 3 M bed. T slot vacuum bed, extraction, Toolchanger spindle
    Looking at AXYZ 4010 series or AXYZ Camtech Z7
    Maxicam, Multicam, Flexicam, Shopbot of similar spec

    Any advise?
    Anyone use any of these machines?
    Suggest other machines I should look at.


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    Hi Marris, I can't offer any advice or opinions on the type of machines you are looking at....but I can say welcome to the forum...

    Build log...here

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