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    I'm on the lookout for a vacuum cleaner to connect to my CNC 6040.
    I'm planning on making a little bracket to connect it the splindle.. with some sort of clear plastic as a dust guard. (tbd!)

    Although occasionaly it'll be wood I use it for, it's mostly going to be aluminium or PCB material..

    At the moment I've not decided on the details for the attaching mechanism.. I'm stuck on which actual vacuum to use.. Would something like the Karcher MV2 be a good machine?
    (It seems to have good reviews.. good price.. small so will fit under the table I'm planning to build..)


    I'm also planning on using a Dust commander on top of a 10L airtight container..

    Am I way off track or could this plan work?

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    I think there's a chance your container may collapse, I'd go for something cylindrical, possibly with internal bracing,

    - Nick

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    Then only problem was I was sort of restricted in terms of height space. 18cm was max really. However, I'm going to raise the total height of the table by another 10cm so with 28cm I should be able to find something more suitable. Thanks for the tip.

    EDIT: I could go with this 15 litre bucket perhaps (with internal bracing)
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    I know you have space limitations, but you could get one of those ash filter metal canisters with a clip on lid. I bought one for around a tenner from CPC. ALDI do them every so often. There was a thread about it a couple of years ago - search the forum for 'Ash can filter'. The cyclone I made was not very good and the one on Amazon you point to may be what I should be using.

    I am wary of using vacuum cleaners as dust extractors as the motors are not designed for long periods of continuous operation, besides the buggers are noisy.

    I am unfortunate in that I am allergic to domestic vacuum cleaners and cannot use them. I also have to keep out of the way when my wife is vacuuming. The condition is getting worse and is extending to most forms of household cleaning tasks.



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    Thanks for the tip.. I'm currently reading it now..

    Is the ash can filter to be used with the dust commander too? Is it for giving another layer of filtering? I'll have a hunt around for some under 28cm tall...
    EDIT: Possibly this 14l 23cmx23cm
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    I've been through a few vacuum cleaners over the years. Started with a cheap (30) little thing that soon died.

    Then bought a bin style one for around 100. But this was very noisy (brushed motor) and whined. Eventually this died as well.Something like this one:

    Been using a Henry for a while now and it has been great. VERY quiet (no whine!), plenty of suction, easy change bag, small and mobile. Runs for ages without getting warm (possibly because they are designed for commercial use?).
    Bought mine at a local supermarket, but here is a random link to show you what it looks like this:
    Would recommend it.

    Adding an intermediate collector (dust commander etc) as you mention is also worth thinking about.
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    I was just about to post if something like your second link would be more like what I'd need Draper 10923 but the reviews state, as you have, that they're extremely noisy.
    So a Henry is the way to go? Do you keep it on your cnc machine for hours at a time? The one you linked is a 580W whereas the noisy one linked is double that. Is that not an issue in reality?

    EDIT: Ah there's also a Henry with 2 switchable speeds.. 1200W & 600W. Is that the one you use and recommend?
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    Quote Originally Posted by d4cnc View Post
    Thanks for the tip.. I'm currently reading it now..

    Is the ash can filter to be used with the dust commander too? Is it for giving another layer of filtering? I'll have a hunt around for some under 28cm tall...
    EDIT: Possibly this 14l 23cmx23cm
    It was this one http://cpc.farnell.com/duratool/d019...in_merch=true& but they are all generic Chinese.

    The idea I had was to put a cyclone in the top of the ash can, it didn't really work as the dust did not settle enough and a lot went through to the main vac. I took all the gubbins out of the can i.e. the HEPA filter.

    I still have the can and I will probably marry it up with a dust commander. My workshop has a Bosch Collecto vac, which is battered and about 20 years old, but refuses to die, but my tools are so deep in sawdust, it is like a bran tub trying to find anything.



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    Ah yes, if I had more height available that'd work great to have the dust commander on top..

    I've found mixed posts on Henrys.. though one post in particular seems to be exactly what I had in mind.. (even hiding them under a table!)

    That seems perfect for my needs.. and as I'm mostly aluminium, it'd work too for that would you say?

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    I have this one:

    Not sure who sells them now but I got is for around 55 from Tesco.

    You can get a combination filter from tool station. It does not have large capacity and can be loud but works very well for the price.
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