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    Hi Thank you for reading this plea for help.
    I am looking to buy a Dahlgren dsc2000 black box to drive a Gryphon Suregrave router.
    From left to right on the front it has 7 tactile push switches lcd display, 3 variable pots, 1 stop tactile push switch.

    Here's hoping


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    are you still in need of this, I am in the middle of a conversion and I am eventually replacing the dsc2000 with a mach 3 setup. let me know thanks Paul

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    Hi Paul

    Yes I would like to buy the black box.

    I now know that the Hi Drive 1 and Hi Drive 2

    will do the same job as the black box.

    Thank you for replying to my plea of help


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    I'm not sure of what to ask for the Dahlgren dsc2000 to be fare, its hard to find any information on this, I have a manual of sorts and a bit of software that came with the machine but once I convert it to mach3 I will have no use for any of it. If you could help out on a price of what its worth then that would be brilliant otherwise I will have to look into it.

    if anyone else knows of the value of this black box dsc2000 please let me know, many thanks

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    I have been contacted by 2 companies interested in the controller any chance you have a price in mind of offering, I'm stuck until someone comes up with a figure, thanks Paul

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    Hi Paul
    Inside the black box there is the following:-
    286 computer mother board
    3 * 24v 3 amp stepper motor drivers
    24v 10 amp power supply.
    Looking on ebay brand new is;-

    UK CNC Single Axis 4A TB6600 2/4 Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor Drivers Controller
    £8.24p each 24.72p for 3.

    24v dc 10 amp power supply

    DC 12V 24V 5V 10A 12.5A 15A 20A 30A Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply
    UK Stock! 5V 12V 24V !3A 5A 8.5A 12.5A 30A ! 10W-400W!

    Power Supply £12.23

    £25 and £15 = £40 + p&p

    Does that seem ok ?


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    best idea is contact any one with interest and put it on ebay

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    What is a mach3 setup

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    Mach 3 is a software programme that will do the brains of what needs doing in the sense of moving the three stepper motors to what has been programmed in Mach three.
    This is then fed into a drive system that will talk to your thee stepper motors.

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    I’m a novice here, how exactly are you running mach3. Is it a graphics package?

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