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    I find it curious that I have never, after more than a few years, come across any hobby CAD/CAM users or enthusiasts in my local vicinity. (Central South) Are we an exclusive set or just conservative shedheads down here?
    I have joined the local "Mens Shed" but nobody is practicing?
    I know quite a few excellent hobby engineers, but no Cadcammers!
    Where are you guys?

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    Well a bunch of us here use CAD and Cam a lot professionally and as a hobby. What may be lacking are the funds to actually investing in high end programs. Considering that Creo, Solidworks etc will set you back a few grand and Mastercam many grand, many choose to use fusion360 which is "OK" for basic stuff and 3D modeling but not great for draughting.

    Did you have any specific questions on CAD/ CAM?
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    I use CAD/CAM but as a means to an end an construct only what's required to generate the tool paths to make parts.
    I kinda like the big complex rendered 3D models but it's the actual making of things which interests me,

    - Nick

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    Gentlemen my object was to see if there was anyone in my vicinity. I am a retired Solidworks designer of many years, and have run CNC toolrooms. Not seeking assistance but would like to meet fellow homers for exchange of ideas and inspiration.
    Are you guys local?

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    Central South, that varies just as does North, depending on where you're standing, for me "Southern" starts somewhere around Leicester ;-)

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    South Hants. North of Portsmouth.

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    I hadn't heard of "Mens Sheds", from the look of the general facilities you may find more kindred souls at a "Makerspace" if there's one local to you,

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    I'm a member of the local model engineering society (South Devon) and amongst 40-50 members, I seem to be the only one with a CNC interest. I know of one other member who is trying to get to grips with 3D CAD, but this seems very much a minority interest in the hobby/home machining community. I suspect that Fusion360 and OnShape, free for home users, might well change this over the next year or two although in my experience many model engineering types are not that quick to pick up new technology. Don't know about woodworkers - not an area that I'm part of. So, the chances of stumbling over someone who shares what seems to be very minority interests are pretty low! That's why, I suspect, this forum is a great chance to exchange ideas with others who actually understand what we're talking about.

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    I used to be a member of my local Model Engineering Society but left once it became evident that it was a place for people to grow old, build steam locomotives, savagely under-pay widows for engineering equipment and Nothing Else! ;-)

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    I can share that experience!

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