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    How do i edit this drawing so i can change the dimensions of an already made linear rail? basically i want to change it from a 15mm rail to a 20mm ect but when i change the dimensions it messes the drawing up shown in pic below.



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    I'd guess the outline is insufficiently constrained? It should be warning you that the shape is not completely defined.

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    i only know the basics of solidworks so i have no clue on how to work around that lol :) i can edit ball screws just fine but linear rails are a nightmare

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    Edit the sketch, select the profile, right click and Make Block. It should be possible to scale the block. If you have problems using the sketch at a later time, you can explode the block again.

    Hope it helps.

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    just use Scale

    In the Search box in top right corner type Scale then click on it. This will allow you to scale the model.
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    ive tried the scale part but there is no option to scale to a specific dimension :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by reefy86 View Post
    ive tried the scale part but there is no option to scale to a specific dimension :)
    if 15mm then scale 1.25

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    thankyou dean i know im being a nuisance. i actually managed to change the dimensions using the original model as it turns out once ive changed the dimensions once i no longer can re edit that file so i have to revert back to the original one.


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