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    I'm looking for a long DB25 MF parallel port cable. I've found only 1.5m cables, and I own one, but it's too short, I need something 3m or longer. I've searched on eBay and Aliexpress and didn't find anything... I also have to give a call to my college because they might have one, but does anyone know where I could find such cable ? Or does anyone have one for sale ?

    Thanks !

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    parallel port cables were not really designed to be used over more than 3m lengths.... You could make one yourself in a pinch
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eurikain View Post
    I'm looking for a long DB25 MF parallel port cable.
    I used to have one that was about 4.5m but that ran a fanfold fed dot matrix printer ;-)

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    Thanks for the replies. I ended up finding a 2m extension. When I move to smooth steppers, I won't have issues finding cables anymore lol

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