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21-11-2016, 09:03 PM
hi, id like to bring my plasma table build to an end...is there any uk suppliers that can do a 150mm z axis complete that i can bolt straight to my machine?? or any ebay bargains from china??

Boyan Silyavski
21-11-2016, 10:02 PM
I will tell you one good reason why not from China- the Chinese linear rails. I have bought one here to test for exactly the same purpose and it will scratch and stop. Not good when you have to touch sense. A good Z axis will use Hiwin / no dust /, even better Hiwin MGW the wide rail, as its stainless.

One rail and one bearing block is enough, plus one rail more for the torch touch function.

I just quick browsed the net to give you an example with image but honestly all there is absolute crap!!! Designs are so ridiculous that i wanted to vomit :dejection: :stupid:

Suffice to say is: dont use crappy V guides or similar. Of course if you have not already used them on all of your axis

Why dont you show here your design or idea so when you have it clear you could just post the job to the relevant section of the forum.

Combine both below, add anti collision torch holder and you have a winner.

This floating head looks good. But only the floating head.


thats good looking wide linear rail and block single rail Z axis.

or go with belt and something like CMT modules from aliexpress