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Ricky Burton
26-03-2018, 08:48 PM
Hello all,

So for the last 7 years, I have moved my way up from CNC operator to CNC program & setter and now moving into the realm of the designer.
I have always wanted to build my own personal CNC for home but never had space till now.

I am in the phase of gather knowledge and proceed from there.
what I wish to get out of my machine cut wood, carbon fibre aluminium and casting wax.

First question the shed in which my CNC will be built has a wooden now if I reinforce the area would this work or am I better off cutting out the section and backfilling with concrete?

Secondly, build are I have been given some components from a friend that I want to use, these are 2 x 650mm ball screws and a 1 x 350mm ballscrew what kind of build area would I achieve with these?
and what length linear rails would I need?

Thirdly I recently had a machine decommissioned at work sad part is I wasn't able to take parts for myself but was able to take the spares, the main part that I was able to source from this was.
Now does anyone know where I can get the rails to suit them and I have 6 is that enough to do the x and y-axis?
alternatively, I have designed my own.
I know people have made linear bearing like these but to what success.

The 4th question as I won't have enough linear rails for the z-axis I have been looking around and was wondering if they were any good or total waste of money.

27-03-2018, 05:56 AM

My first advice is that you read alot of the build threads on this forum. It will give you alot of advice!

The rail and bearing from banggood that you link to looks like what you want but go for two bearings per rail. And two rails per axis.
Some will argue that you want original parts (hiwin) and some will go for copies like you linked to.
Most come to the conclusion that next build will be built with hiwin :)

I have no clue about those roller bearings.
But I guess it all comes down to what you want to cut? And with what precision?

Good luck with your build and don't forget to read, ask and give us photos of progress :D

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27-03-2018, 10:02 PM
Q1 I would backfill with a concrete pad to ground or at least a fair sized pad under each leg of the table/stand. Wooden floor will move around over time plus vibrate

Q2: with a typical 200mm bearing spacing you will get a cutting area of about 400mm square and about 150mm Z travel. The Z travel is a good amount for a typical general router but the cutting area might be on the small side - depends what you need to cut , size wise.
The rail lengths need to be similar to the ballscrew threaded part length plus a bit spare depending on the detail of your design. You need to sketch it out to check for the correct length. Be aware you can trim them to length with a angle grinder and a thin inox blade.

Q3: what's in the box? Linear rail carriages? I've not found someone who will supply rail to match someone else's carriages.
In the past I used bearings for guides similar to your sketch but they were not the best and needed adjustment and TLC. Supported round rail will be much better or most people end up with proper linear as this is a real fit and forget solution. Get a quote from Fred at BST automation on Aliexpress.

I've looked at the banggood linear profile rail but they only sell 400mm at the moment. I've asked about longer lengths and they are looking into it later this year so they say.
Quality unknown but i was interested to try some of the longer lengths and test it out (need to know if they are properly hardened etc) and compare to the branded stuff I have now.

07-04-2018, 07:37 PM
Hi Ricky, where are you based and how much linear rails do you require, I do have some used rails

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