View Full Version : New Motherboards and LTP1 ports. (You might have one)

05-04-2013, 10:12 AM
Good day to you all. Long story short I have a new pc with Win7 running so I was lost when I ordered a pcie Parallel port card of ebay and for the life of me could not get it to work, I tried everything but to no end would it work!! Just as I was losing hope and getting ready to fork out some more cash on my CNC project and buy a pc with a parallel port I stumbled across a post saying check you MoBo maybe it does in fact have one, I cannot give credit to the post as it was 3am and after reading a million posts but my MoBo did indeed have just that a LPT1 parallel port hidden under my graphics card. It just looks like any other I/O connector never paid attention to it before! So I checked my other three MoBos I have from other projects and low andbehold They all have Them. So download your MoBo manual (pdf) and search for Parallel port and who knows a massive headache solved.

Main MoBo: Asus f1a55-m le

Second MoBo: gigabyte ga ma785gm us2h

Third MoBo: ECS G31T-M9