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14-05-2015, 08:26 AM
Hello cnc guys,

I know that this theme is allready discussed before and if some one give me a link to previos post i will be happy..

I'm in progress to create a 8x4 router 3 axys . before few days i buy a NEMA 34 12 Nm from ebay + Motor Drivers :CW8060 (from auction )
My next step is to buy a Breakout Board , but im a bit confused what exactly to pick up.

Please can some one ADVICE me what type of Breakout Board (brand -model ) to buy for my firs mashine ( link to company or online shop to buy it-ebay,amazon ,china website )

1.- I will use MACH3 but what breakout board i should use USB or LPT1 (can i use the same options /out/ pins in USB like LPT1) i read in few forums that 64 bit computer is not ok to use LPT1 only USB is accepted in 64 bit processor.
I have 3 good computer 64 bit and i want to use one of them ( please just give e link to previos discussion)(or it better to buy a 32 bit old computer with LPT1)

2.- I will use some of Chinese Spindle PWM that mean i need a 0-10V control.
3.- limit switch
4.- more relay outputs will be great

this is one of my choise.( the comment is not so good not so bad ) is that is good choice or not ....


Thanks for you time :)

14-05-2015, 09:59 AM
You seem to be making the classical mistake of buying electrical components. have you built the frame and gantry ? what type of linear bearings and drive are you using.
My advise is DON'T purchase any electrical gear, follow the procedure and start with designing the machine in sketchup or similar and offer it up to the forum so that the experienced members can point you in the right direction.

Boyan Silyavski
14-05-2015, 11:03 AM
sometimes i think people are in such a rush that they never bother to read the forums. As Mike said its been discussed hundreds of times- read the builds, see what people are buying, make a drawing, show us the drawing, calculate weight and then...

:toot:Thinking of buing 35euro board for a 8x4 machine is a big NO:toot:

better start saving money cause you will need something like PMDX 126 board for LPT connection plus maybe Smooth stepper or CSMIO-M for Ethernet. At least i mean.
That funny board you suggest

Whats the inductance of that nema 34 motors you have bought? Show us the PDF of the motor. Did you buy them as a kit from reputable seller?

14-05-2015, 06:15 PM
Hello cnc guys,

I know that this theme is allready discussed before and if some one give me a link to previos post i will be happy..

Seems to me your just being Lazy and not doing your research and wanting others to bring it to you.!! . . . . Truth is with this lazy approach you will and already have wasted Money. The Rubbish you proposed to buy on Ebay is junk i wouldn't use to run a toaster.! The motor you have bought is probably all wrong for your needs for many reasons I won't go into now.

If you'd have done even a little research you would have realised this very quickly. Not bought the motor and quickly dismissed the Ebay Junk.

There's a saying.!! . . Fail to prepare then prepare to fail.!!

So the Best and Only advise you'll get from me is GO AWAY AND RESEARCH what your about to take on.!! . . . If you don't then you will fail and waste shit load of money.!!

14-05-2015, 07:41 PM
Hello , guys .
Thanks for fast replay and appreciate your concern.
This is my plan for my 8 x 4 machine. i buy this nema 34 for one reason , the offer was super ok i mean the price , and i will not suffer if some of this item is not ok ....i try to make a test model and maybe after that i will upgrade...
I ask for help only to buy Breakout Board and test this item which i buy from ebay ..
I read super intensive a lot a forum and i know roughly what is a final idea to make a quality cnc machine.
This is my first big one Cnc and i do not want to buy a first crap Breakout Board , i got already a few small cnc router 500mm-500mm with not so quality part .. but still work not so bad ..
Originally I'm a cnc machinist - Fanuc - Homag -Multicam