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    I still think using rack and pinion is mainly for 2 reasons: the size of machine and the ability to put together a long machine from short separate pieces and make it as long as you wish. At least that's how is in my eyes. Maybe also the ability to be hidden and facing downwards in a very polluted environment
    I am new in cnc i don't have that much experience
    My gantry weighs almost same as yours.
    23210 on X
    12510 on Y
    1610 on Z
    How to size servo what specs to look.
    What should be rated torque?
    I will do whatever it takse to make my machine upto my expectations
    Please enlight me more
    Thanks in advance

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    Please read very carefully from my second build log post #33 and from #133 to #140 .

    That will answer all your questions. But before that, as was suggested above with a link to a calculator, find what's your screw maximum speed before it starts whipping for given length.

    3210 screw is a very serious mass to move and to be snappy opposed to less than 1kg ball nut. Do your calculations, but the way i see it Rotating ball screw nut is the way to go and 400-750W servo motors each side.
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