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    You can find the HY manual from a pointer here - just scroll down from the top.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nr1madman View Post
    Wait a minute here... You got manuals for your stuff??? :D

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    Haha yep, which was pretty good actually to be fair to them, just lacked that precious bit of Data that i desperately needed :P

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    Well guys it may not look like much, but it was a fair amount of working getting to this point:

    My Solidworks package updated to 2018 in the last few days, 2018 Professional now comes included with Solidworks CAM - Which is essentially CAMWorks. I spent a lot of time yesterday and today wrapping my head around creating a Post Processor for the DDCSV1.1 to use with CAMWorks, setting up the machine and figuring out tool creation in CAMWorks etc.

    As far as CAMWorks goes its a fantastic bit of software, i can just stay in Solidworks and open up the tab, click a button to recognise machinable features and then go from there, once i enter a few more tools into the Machine that are available to use, it will pick out the most suitable tool for the job and generate the tool paths. After this you can visualise them and make any changes etc.

    Still need to make some changes to the Post Processor and CAMWorks settings to streamline the whole process but so far its no where near as challenging as i thought it would be.

    Now i need to figure out and start researching good ways to reference origins on the machine, i see a lot of people work to the centre of parts, need to do some research on this.

    Also looking to get a probe and figure that out with DDCSV1.1.


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    Good going :D
    Im envious of the movement, must feel great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neale View Post
    You can find the HY manual from a pointer here - just scroll down from the top.
    Thanks Neale, I had downloaded it already.
    Was just joking about that often the manuals are so bad that they don't even send them :D

    As always your support is awesome!

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    Interesting thing about that copy of the manual is that it comes from a UK supplier (CNC4You). They pre-configure the HY VFDs that they sell, although the one I bought had the number of motor poles wrong so it showed the wrong motor speed. Easy to correct.

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    Wow !!! Perfect!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerm View Post
    Hi Everyone,

    Although not much use to you now, I've been meaning to make the CAD files available for others to use, perhaps I will get onto that this week.

    It would help some of us tremendously if you make the CAD files available. I haven't master CAD modeling yet to allow me to put a machine together like you have.

  10. I have updated one of my blog posts to include a link to download the model.

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    I have not had a chance to work on the router properly in some months, i have been sooo busy with work and stuff outside that it has really taken the back seat. I have nearly now finished building the bench it will sit on, i just need to get this finished and painted then i will partially disassemble the machine and move it out onto the shop floor.

    I need to get some product off the machine (for the main purpose it was designed), and am sure that the 3D Printed parts will suffice to do this (Cutting 2mm Thick Fire Retardant Interdens). Once i have a decent amount produced i will work on the aluminium plates to replace the plastic ones.

    Another setback i will probably face is that my work PC had to be wiped (dont ask!), i managed to take a copy of my PowerCAM directory before this but am predicting it wont be as simple to just copy back the files and be where i was previously, it took a long time to get the post processor and machine / tools setup in Solidworks so i'm not looking forward to this as i have forgotten most of the steps to getting there.



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