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  1. Forget single screw you need 2 screws! But don't buy anything until you have the design totally down. It looks like this design has a little way to go. Have you drawn it in 3d?

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    Funny you should say that, I was just tending towards one screw.

    I've read some more threads, especially the kingcreaky ones where he seems to just weld up a steel frame a whack the rails on it. OK, he's probably an expert welder. But still, I might be worrying too much about getting the rails straight and flat. Which means the earlier steel frame is, well, back in the frame.

    I can't use any 3D drawing packages yet, but that's fine, you have to decide the general configuration before you draw the details.

    I'm still interested in the best way to do make this, but it might be academic by tomorow. I'm likely going to order a 1800x900 machine from Eric at stepmores.

  3. I don't know stepmores I'm afraid. To get the most out of the machine you are going to have to get into 3d sooner or later, I would strongly recommend sooner! You don't need to be an expert welder and getting the rails flat can be achieved by epoxy levelling as evidenced by loads of build logs on here... Steel frame is the way to go.

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    OK, in order to procede let's go for the twin ballscrew design.
    Aluminium extrusion structure or welded steel doesn't affect the drive system.
    We can assume an aluminium gantry.

    What drive system do I want?

    2 ballscrews, 2020 to give about 10000mm/min ?
    Driven by Nema 34 was suggested.
    Pulleys to reduce machine length, and spin motors faster? (What ratio?)
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