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    Ive got a 3020 chinese machine, and touch wood ive had no problems with it so far. Well saying that the fuse keeps blowing on the spindle power supply when i turn on the controller. Ive done a lot of 2.5d work on it in mdf oak mahogany pine and the results all come out good.

    Im going to start upgrading the bearing on the axis soon as there onyl 50p each from the local supplier. so that will be a massive 6 for higher spec bearings than what are in now:) happy days.

    Dont be too disheartened with the problems on the machine. They are cheap and the parts are cheap but as a starter machine they are great to learn on.

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    I settled the dispute with the seller today, he took me up on my proposal of 50 refund for the electronics not being as advertised/misleading advert. And 100 for a new spindle.

    All the 0.8kW spindles on eBay have the same advert promising german bearings so I just picked the seller with 100% feedback.

    I can also get some new bearings to see if they fix the duff spindle.

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    I've just got some from our local place we use all the time there cheap enough

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