View Full Version : Woodworking Project Showcase

  1. Made a stand for my mill...
  2. wood sign cut with cnc router
  3. a few things cut with my router
  4. My first gear, a deadbeat escapement gear for my clock
  5. A grasshopper escapement based clock project
  6. Table so so cool - any one got any cool projects ??
  7. Woo, my first 'proper' part!
  8. At last a few photys of some items
  9. My computer desk
  10. Art Work Iíve produced so far (Constructive Criticism encouraged)
  11. Video of CNC machining a double sided part.
  12. high council of the time lords - diy wooden clock
  13. DIY blast gun cabinet from reclaimed parts
  14. First project! A Maya Calendar
  15. Laaser Diode Engraving with PicEngrave Pro 4
  16. Portfolio
  17. My first bits of work from a chinese 3020 cnc
  18. the fruit of labour
  19. My latest Piece
  20. Wooden sunglasses
  21. Unusual Knife Block
  22. Our carved legs, baluster, furniture
  23. Shapeoko 2, Arduino UNO Laser Diode Photo Engraving.
  24. A few MDF bits
  25. CNC Project!! design models
  26. Gav's Caravan Project.
  27. La 29 wood hand painted sign
  28. CNC Project - Collet Drawer Insert
  29. CNC Project - Spinning Wheel Bobbins
  30. CNC Project - Desk Filing Tidy
  31. CNC Project - Guitar Neck (and the rest if I can get away with it)
  32. Harmonica Case
  33. Magnifying Glass Housing
  34. Knife holder
  35. Some product at last
  36. Foot Rest Project and how I did nesting in Fusion 360
  37. Exotic wood. A pleasure to cut.
  38. Hands-free epoxy stirring accessory.
  39. Paper Moon Photo-booth (and a bit of milling out slots in steel brackets...)
  40. Not exactly wood only but...
  41. A spot of mother of pearl inlaying.
  42. 3D Soap Dish
  43. Garden Planter Project
  44. Media Center Keyboard and Remote Holder
  45. Another quick CNC Project - Pick/Plectrum Holder
  46. Collet Case - a conversion
  47. Resin in-fill on wood - using grain-fillers
  48. My first Wooden Toys
  49. My Sound Dampening Enclosure for almost finished CNC Router
  50. Cable reel holder
  51. Bespoke Drinks Coasters
  52. this is the sort of things I do
  53. What I do with a defective machine
  54. Space Saving Under-Bench Storage
  55. Heart shaped trinket box
  56. Making tracks . . .
  57. TT wall art
  58. House Number
  59. Further Progress with my JazzCNC .. Guitar Body
  60. Guitar Building with my JazzCNC machine
  61. Cold Bent Oak, Walnut, and Cherry for a half moon kitchen counter (interesting?)
  62. Reclaimed Wood Processing Techniques