View Full Version : UC400ETH connection to PC/Laptop

23-05-2019, 10:54 PM
Hi I had a dell desktop pc with XP running that had been set up with Mach3 and the UC400 adapter which all worked fine, I then benched my cnc 6040 for a year due to health issues and recently came back to it all to find my desktop pc had a hard drive failure and cpu fan failure.

had a spare laptop with Windows Vista Home Edition and so plugged my ethernet cable into their instead (disabled the power down options for the laptop) but discovered that I am now getting "local or limited connection to unidentified connection"

I cannot figure out how to get the UC400 and laptop to see each other (also plugged into my windows 10 pc both had the adapters for the relevant windows) same result.

I have swapped out the cable,
reset the UC400,
checked the IP address which is set to automatic,

Is there something I'm missing? PS as been out of the loop for a good year I am re learning everything from scratch as forgetting most of the technical setup side.

24-05-2019, 03:05 AM
See page 9 of the UC400 manual. Set the IP address to, not automatic.