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    Please help, whats wrong this is in air without spindle connected and run in 5m/min could not be this bad trying to create circle. This is like worst shit i have seen really only hope its only something wrong in the setup not smooth at all and slow as shit. Please check the video recorded when its goes around. From 1min/m its the same slow and up and slower feedrate its slower but not smoother.
    This cant be as bad as this. Nema 34 motors.

    My gut feeling is that this is the post-processor / motion-controller's behaviour. I'll see your YouTube and raise you a YouTube,,,


    Try setting CV mode in Mach3 and see if that improves things. If your design/post-processor is creating a large number of arcs then you're going to force the machine to accelerate, traverse and decelerate through each arc in exact-stop mode.

    I'll be the first to lambast MD, but this isn't the machine.


    To improve the performance you'll need to examine/tinker with the axis acceleration settings. If you hit a limit here then you might need to examine the power-supply voltage to the steppers. This will have been (negatively) impacted by the choice of Nema34s if not adequately provisioned in the PSU. Other, more clever and experienced, folk here can advise.

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    Machine seems little better with exact stop and cv off.

    But this new video https://youtu.be/CZ6yLoRosOM

    The machine vibrate when jog slow and the stepper motors sounds weird, same when run gcode the machine like microstop and vibrate because of that i think. The motors sounds not the same when jog and run gcode. When run jog mode faster or full speed it sounds good. The z axis sounds good even slow but thats not rack and pinion. It will be impossible to mill something when it vibrate like it do and microstop and not run smooth at all.

    I have auto set step in mach3 to correct mm but please if anyone know if i have som setup wrong i dont actually knows what like step pulse, dir pulse and if velocity and accelerations should be set to. Same in general config. The owner of the machine is not alive and Marchand Dice is gone so i dont have anyone to ask what to set everything to. IJ Mode seems to change to Inc from absolute when restart mach3, dont know why but that i can live with.

    Some pictures of settings.

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	Image (9).jpeg 
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Name:	Image (10).jpeg 
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Name:	Image (8).jpeg 
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Name:	Image (7).jpeg 
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Name:	Image (6).jpeg 
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    I really want this machine to work until i can rebuild it and about that what rate will this controller have, any good? http://shop.cncdrive.com/index.php?productID=1098
    And stepper motor 12nm or 8nm? http://shop.cncdrive.com/index.php?productID=770 or http://shop.cncdrive.com/index.php?productID=745

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    For those three pictures on the axis settings - I'd be setting the pulse-width to 5us in the first instance. The reason? - okay, I don't know what stepper drivers you're using but many/most use opto-isolated inputs for the step/dir signals, and /cheap/ opto-isolators can have slow response-times in the order of 3-4us (actually, worst-case performance can exceed 5us on many devices). Some are faster, but typically cheaper devices are relatively slow. Changing the pulse-width to the slowest possible (5us) gives the best possible chance for the pulse signal to be recognised by the stepper driver.

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    Thanks for all answers but i burned the bob when try to measure volt from spindle port, all output is dead so this shitty obsolete things is going to garbage or saving the rest for someone how need it later.

    I order this instead http://shop.cncdrive.com/index.php?productID=1098 and keep writing in this post http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/15333...for-avid-drive beacuse i will same time upgrade the machine, the 10mm rack inside the alu profiles is not a good idea to save, its bad aligned and get big backslash on some part and to hard fitted on some.

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